Official Founders Club Launch

– Myshak Metro Ballpark

The Official Founders Club Launch has ARRIVED!
This program represents that once in a lifetime “GRAB IT” opportunity to become part of something bold and truly special. It is about like-minded community leaders deciding that the time to ACT is now – and that together we have the power and ability to make a difference.

Folks right across Canada and throughout North America are expressing their views that the Myshak Metro Ballpark is destined to become one of Canada’s great new landmark sports facilities. This is fantastic news!  However, for those with experience in baseball and sports circles it is also known that this Legacy Project will become “that place” where dreams begin and cherished memories become permanently etched into family lore.

Ballparks, like no other sports venue, seem to have a magic and a romance about them that is truly remarkable.  The truth is – they possess an intrinsic ability to bring family, friends and strangers together on a scheduled basis to share in some of life’s most precious of moments; moments that in today’s COVID ravaged world will become more important than ever.

As Ambassadors for the Myshak Metro Ballpark – Founders can explore a host of ongoing opportunities designed to forge new friendships, experience new adventures and become important team players in the building of a unique and what is sure to be inspiring story about community, legacy and fun.

Creating and building a Founders Club has always been part of the Myshak Metro Ballpark Plan because the Prospects organization realizes the importance and power of bringing community leaders together can generate.

We are excited about your involvement.
We are excited to get started!
Now … let’s get down to business.
What exactly is becoming an Official Founding Member all about?


It starts with your $7,000 investment.  With this you will receive a VIP Seat for life which will get you one ticket into ALL Prospects regular season and playoff games.  With this investment you will get benefits of: extra-wide cushioned seats, 10% discount at the Prospects team store, priority ticketing for special events, pre-game on field experiences and your name engraved forever on the monumental Founder’s Club Wall.


With this purchase you will receive the following packages designed to enhance your ability to showcase and experience this facility with family, friends and co-workers (Limited to the first 50 License sales);

  • One (1) yearly 3-hr field rental for a BBQ, slow-pitch game, or just an opportunity to run around and be crazy. [Food & Beverage not Included.]
  • One (1) yearly 24-person Suite Rental for a Prospect home game. [Food & Beverage – Not Included]


Each year you will receive a 5% credit on your ballpark account.  This equates to $350.00 per year that can be spent on any Food & Beverage OR Prospects ticketing items at the ballpark.


To ensure the integrity of the program and to ensure your investment is always safe we have instituted a 3-Step implementation policy;

  1. Step 1 – An Initial Purchase is made and placed in a Legal Trust with Miller Thomson.
  2. Step 2 – With each 20 licenses sold the funds from those 20 licenses become available for use in the construction of the ballpark. At that time the Founder will receive notice that their investment has become a 1/20th unit in a Buyers Caveat registered on the Property ensuring that the investment is safely and legally secured so that investors can remain 100% confident about their investment.
  3. Step 3 – Once the stadium is completed and the season is ready to commence the Founder will be provided a Lifetime Seat License Contract insuring that they, and only they, will have access to their VIP seat for life. [At this time the Buyers Caveat is retired.]

DEADLINES: Act fast!

The MANY perks that make this deal AMAZING will only be included when purchased prior to December 21, 2020.

In addition, the Investment Component will increase to $7,500 per seat after this date.
[Note: This program is currently limited to 200 seats.]

For inquiries, please contact

 Ryan at 780-717-6739 or Keaton at 780-940-4854